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Current Project: "TGE"

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Road to: dogs of war (Alpha demo)

--Concluded-- 2021 (Demo links below)


  • Update 1/13/2022: With the new year, new opportunities come up. Work this year will focus on a wonderful projects called code named "TGE"

  • Current milestone is an Alpha Demo to share with potential publishers and for streaming.

  • I am also fulfilling remote work requests. In the Services + Commissions page you can see the services, prices, and more.

  • As of 9/21/2020 the "Portfolio" section has been updated to add video work.

  • At the bottom I have left links where you can contact me, ask about commission work, and general inquiries.

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The Road to: dogs of war Kickstarter has concluded.

Check out the demos below!

Current Game Project

- The Great Explorers -

More information coming soon.