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Current Project: Road to: dogs of war


  • Current milestone is an Alpha Demo to share with potential publishers and for streaming.

  • I am also fulfilling remote work requests. In the Services + Commissions page you can see the services, prices, and more.

  • As of 9/21/2020 the "Portfolio" section has been updated to add video work.

  • At the bottom I have left links where you can contact me, ask about commission work, and general inquiries.

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The Road to: dogs of war Kickstarter has concluded.

I really appreciate you!

Current Game Project

JRoad To: Dogs of War follows the top-down shooter journey of two wrestlers, Jonny and Fury Rose, on their way to the Dogs of War Tournament. A tournament held by the evil Dominion of Wrestling, a mega-corporation that wants to be the only company in the wrestling world!

There they hope to win the Grand Heavyweight Championship Gauntlet and save their hometowns.

But first, they have to get there!

Planned Release on PC, Mobile, Xbox One, PS4, Steam

Genre: Top Down Shooter

Target Rating: E10+

Players: 1-2 Players

Online: Leaderboards only at launch

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