H4 Videos

Below you can see examples of my work in various disciplines including Directing, Editing, Animating, Storyboarding, Planning, and more.

If you would like a TL;DR, there is a clip below which include all the videos in one without all the jibber jabber boring exposition.

Road To: Dogs of War game trailer 1

This is the first trailer to my game called "Road To: Dogs of War".

It's the story of two wrestlers, a hotdog vending wrestler called Jonny and his backup, Fury Rose, on their way to the Dogs of War wrestling tournament to win, become champion, and save their home town. But first, they have to get there.

For this trailer I did EVERYTHING hahaha I even lent my raspy pipes to the main character.

In this video I created the Storyboards, created all of the vector art, animated the characters and transitions, and worked with an audio engineer to create music that I then arranged.

A lot of lessons were learned during production of this video and have massively improved my pipeline for delivery.

Rally Rampage - Forza Horizon 4 Machinima

In Forza after a player win the race they let them rewatch their races from so many different camera angles so I used that to create a quick clip meant to give the sensation of speed and grit. Once I had all the long form video clips I exported them from Xbox, imported into AfterEffects, synced all the clips, and chose the best angle for any given moment. Then I added the little H4Games racing version graphic, compressed it for online viewing, and uploaded it. None of the footage was scripted.

Commercial Concept

This is a project I did as an exercise back when Xbox 360 was in it's prime! At this time there was a "Back to School" promotion with retailers where if you purchased a Windows laptop you got a free Xbox with your purchase.

I thought this was cool but I felt the campaign wasn't doing a good job of getting the point across of how much a good deal it was.

So of course, I took it upon myself!

The whole point is "Are you getting your money's worth" on any other deal for Back to School? Because with this laptop for school you ALSO get a $200-$300 gaming machine that can play DVDs and provide endless entertainment to de-stress!

s1s1 is Back to School with a pan to the school cafeteria line.

s1s2 focuses on the food tray as un appetizing food gets slopped on to it.

s2s1 Car comes into frame and breaks down.

s2s2 Inside shot of dashboard, all needles go wrong.

s3s1 Text "Tired of not getting your Money's worth?"

s3s2 Chainsaw from Gears of War revs up and starts to cut down the text and background.

s3s3 Explosion breaking down the walls

s3s4 Reveal of top Xbox characters of the time like Master Chief, Forza racer, Chicken Chaser from Fable, and more.

s4s1 footage of the various games represented by the Heroes in the last shot.

ss5s1 Explanation Screen, Laptop drops in and voice over/ text says "Buy and $499 Windows 7 Laptop and get a.."

Xbox drops in

"..Free Xbox with your purchase!"

s5s2 "Now that is value for your money"

s6s1 Xbox logo outro

Music by Skrillex

Wet n Wild Waterpark video and graphics

Wet n Wild Ride Series: Amazon

For many of the rides the boss wanted videos that showcase the various rides and give people information. We took the opportunity to not only tell viewers about the rides, how awesome they were, but also how they can get there. We also use it to tell little bits of information that may save them time waiting, and more time riding, like where they can find the tubes and do not need to rent one! Plus it also shows off my animated logo for the Amazon ride!

Wet n Wild Cabana Rental info (Mobile Ver.)

With the amount of people who were coming in and asking for pricing on cabanas was getting a bit crazy we were tasked with creating something that can drive customer traffic for information to the website. This was for the mobile version of the website. I created all of the animations, graphics, and voice over.

Wet n Wild Mall social media advert 1

At one point during the season there was a push to try and divert more people to purchase their tickets at the mall at a cheaper rate. I was tasked with directing a few shots the with the employee manning the Kiosk.

At first it was a bit tough because the employee was a bit camera shy haha

But once we worked through a few ideas together and got her involved she was more comfortable with it. This was our first great shot and she nailed it!

I also learned about finding the adequate clearance with the mall itself, just in case, in case they were not ACTUALLY informed by corporate before I arrived hahahaha!

Went n Wild Mall social media advert 3

Another one of the videos we needed to capture was one for the benefits of purchasing the tickets at the mall vs at the gate. This is critical for a busy water park which may see long lines which could be reduced or eliminated by having customers already have their passes on hand.

There was a little error here that is also a learning thing, mostly how easy it is to lose information and how no matter how hard you try, it might not even be anything you can control. For example here. The young lady mentioned that the price there at the kiosk was $19.49. I saw the documentation and we rehearsed the lines based on the sales kiosk paperwork.

I return to the office and after downloading all the clips I showed my boss the clips so she can see them and give me feedback. She heard $19.49 which didn't seem correct and sure enough, the newly updated sales paperwork in the office had $19.99. As they would rather we record new content they requested we just update the price on the video itself.

Select Realty Group/ eXp Realty

Select Realty Group and eXp Realty Merger Announcement

Libna Camarena SNMMLS Campaign Video

Rachel Rodriguez Agent Intro

Select Realty Group Video intro logo

SRG + Mann Mortgage Interview - Important Pre-Pualify

Connie's Sellers Series pt 1

Connie's Sellers Series pt 2

Connie's Sellers Series pt 3

Connie's Sellers Series pt 4

Connie's Sellers Series pt 5