Percival Lowell

Astronomer, mathematician, humanity observer, pacifist.

These are mere bullet points for a man who enjoyed a very full life. Thanks to his contributions to science he has contributed both in life and in death.

Flagstaff AZ

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General Emiliano Zapata (in statue form) looking over #chicanopark in #SanDiego. You can almost see the sadness in his stance, seeing how things turned out.

San Diego CA

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Grave of Hi-Jolly

Founded in 1854, The camel corps was designed as a unit for use in the american southwest. The thinking being that camels are so good at traveling in extreme heat, they wouldbe more useful than horses in these environments. unfortunately they didnt take into account that camels are much more independent than horses. One of the most important people in this experimental unit was Hadji Ali (Hi-Jolly), a camel trainer from the middle east, hired to train and teach the corp how to utilize camels. He was buring in Quartzite Arizona. If you are wondering why he was called "Hi-Jolly", it was because the commanders in the corp did not know how to say his real name.

Imperfect Image

This is the Monumento a la Mexicanidad.

Located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Stands over 210 ft (65 mts).

According to the sculptor, this represents the crossroads of Spaniard and Mestizo lineage.

The X is purposefully unfinished, not quite centered, and I almost had the perfect shot but the car antenna got in the way lol 😂

I am surprised this place doesn't get much attention outside controversies. Maybe it's too new and because it's in Ciudad Juarez; a place most places warn you NOT to go to.

Build your border wall, we can still see you haha.

This beautiful and colorful sculpture sits out in front of the Lowell observatory, encouraging thoughtful discussion about the future. This is Asset #40 from the Promoting Assets With Sculpture (PAWS) project. There are many others, can you find them?

Flagstaff AZ

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The Tree of Life

Artist: Sebastián


This beautiful installation is located in Chihuahua, Chihuahua MX. Blending elements from Native, European, Asian, and Muslim cultures to represent our heritage.


I really like this piece, mostly because it's simple and accomplishes so much. #efficiency 🤘

"The Broncos"

by Sergio Benvenuti (for the Bowlen Family)

This is a beautiful sculpture by the Italian gentleman mentioned above for the owners of the Denver Broncos. Now they sit in front of Sports Authority Field at Mile High rushing towards the building! It is beautiful with a water stream and the big stadium right in front.

As a Denver Native I bleed Blue and Orange so I was glad to finally snap a pic. Go Broncos!

The Shadow Line

Artist: Ilan Averbuch


Found this cool sculpture by work on a break. I do not know what it is supposed to mean or its purpose but it looks cool. Like a giant anchor made of rock and metal. This is why I like to explore my surroundings, never know what you might find.

Tempe AZ

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Kiddy Kraken

A little hidden gem at Legoland Discovery at Arizona Mills. It's so awesome I had to share. Enjoy.

Fallen Fire Fighters

Standing proud in front of the Rim Country Museum is a monument to the brave people who gave their life for the forest there. #momentofsilence. You can see the list as of it's installation on the second slide with the full roster.

Interesting fact:

In 1989, Ernie Cachini was hit with a Lightning Strike. He would not survive.

Mr Geisel (Dr Seuss) and Mr. Hat was kind enough to pose for my photo. This beautiful statue can be found just out front of the Geisel Library in San Diego CA

San Diego CA

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Cows in repose -unknown artist

Over at Cesar Chavez Park by the soccer field you will find these giant Holstein cows. I am glad I was able to find an interesting angle here.

Laveen AZ

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The iconic Dinosaurs of Cabazon CA. Such a unique attraction that was featured in the movie "The Wizard" with Fred Savage.

Cabazon CA

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