Motion Graphics

H4Design/ H4Games related motion graphics

Animated logo for the DoW, the big corporation behind the events of Road To: Dogs of War.

Boss Battle info video

H4Games channel intro animated logo.

Game Tutorial

Waterpark Logos for client (Wet n Wild Waterworld)

These logos were created for the water park to be used in social media videos. These would allow viewers and customers to easily ID and build familiarity with different rides and attractions throughout the park. Often they would be used as labels or identifiers in a corner of the clip as well as outros and intros.

Wet n Wild animated logo

This logo was used for both the ID in clips, outros, and intros.

Raging Rapids ride animated logo

Wavepool area animated logo

Soaker and Blaster rides animated logo

Atlantis Adventure logo

Amazon logo

Mount Zele/ Zele Scream animated logo

Mount Zele animated logo

Wave Pool animated logo.

Waterpark logo - waters plash variant

Wet n Wild logo variants

Neon Paint Party

Father's Day


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