Graphic Goodness

Brand Business

I finally finished a business card design that has been on my mind for a very long time. After a lot of research I landed on the square card with rounded edges. Small, simple, concise and all the information needed. As a bonus I made it a thicker font with a spot UV gloss on the background made up of smaller H4DESIGN logos. That's right, I have the Louie Vitton style going on. Now I can get these made soon!

If you would like a new business card that stands out, a logo that is simple but effective, and that tells people all about you contact me at

Oishii Ramen šŸ¤˜

Wanted to make a menu for a fictional restaurant to practice and keep refining my skills with text alignment. The contrast colors look nice in the Ramen and the center keeping the readers eye interested without overwhelming.

The font I used was the Abuket font on since I have not transferred my calligraphy letters into digital format yet. I also have a full size version that is printable with a .25 in bleed that just doesn't fit here.

Camera Ad

Here I was working out my graphic design skills and typography to make a captivating Advertisement piece. There is a hefty dose of gamer humor but it isn't to the detriment of the overall design. I also have a version with bleeds that is ready for print.

Radioactive Logo

I wanted to challenge myself to make a logo that was unique to a song and catch your eye. This song was very interesting so I took its hook, apply it creatively to a radioactive symbol, and gave it texture to bring it to life.

Roof Replacement Ad

Eagle Eye Roofing, Longmont, Co

Eagle Eye Roofing wanted a new ad that they could run that would be different from the competition and eye catching. This was made with GIMP and made use of careful photo editing. Fun Fact: That is my car on that roof.

Cool Caligraphy

A little thing I did while learning Calligraphy and Japanese. The real art work was scanned and converted into a digital file.

Photoshop + Illustrator + Scanner


On my quest to learn more about fonts, typography and design I actually created my own usable font.

This is MonoScrito

It was designed with the idea to make it different from the crowd but not unfamiliar. The hook here, and reason for the name, is I challenged myself to make a letter with only one line but it must have width.

It is a fun exercise but have found through research that the lines create a feeling of blur and will be updating it with a "Fill" version soon.

Graphic Design Sampler

During my testing phase with different patterns, logos, ideas, and more I created this. For the most part this has a wide range of sample effects I can make all in one page.

Capcom Retro Poster Revival

CvS Custom Poster - A3 size

MvC EX Edition custom poster - A2 Size

MSH vs SF Custom Poster - A2 Size

Corporate Graphic Designs

In Store Social Media Info

The signage you see here was used in store for their local customers to see all the places they can connect with SLComputers.

Back To School Ad Campaign

This is an ad campaign that was aimed at parents to let them know SLComputers will fix their computers. These days computers are vital to school work with research and typing so the owner wanted to make sure this was a key point here.

Email Flyer

This was a coupon flyer that was send out in an email campaign. Because this is a modern computer repair shop that installs Windows 10 the owner wanted something that would reflect that. Here you can see an inspired visual direction that both recalls Windows 10 and its minimalist approach.

These are banners and display images for the installer program for SL Cloud services

These graphics were developed for the installer program for the SL Cloud service.

Graphic Design for public display

Black Flag Outfitters Design

El Paso, TX

A new client in town was looking for a new sign so with some creative partnership we found a design that fit and stood out. The letters are stark, bold, and sharp giving it some presence. Particularly with its neighbors. The Sign is in El Paso TX if you want to check them out!

Round Up logo update

Western Playland - Sunland Park, NM

For one of Western Playlands rides I gave it inspiration from its heritage, put it on display, and Celebrate it while giving it an update. This is the digital print version for the vinyl that was printed for mounting. Come out to Western Playland for some good old family fun at this local amusement park!

Himalaya Ride Banners

Western Playland - Sunland Park, NM

This is the digital print file I made for the Himalaya ride at Western Playland, a local amusement park in Sunland Park, NM. If you go on the ride you will see this banner and the one below hanging in the back as the back drop. Go for a ride and check them out! They will be there for a looong time!

Select Realty Group

Business Cards

Social Media Posts

Flyers, Postcards and mailers