Logos and Visual presentation

D.o.W early concept (not final product)

Working out different designs, blocking out ideas and applying visual dressing has led to this. Lots of work still to be done but now with a programmer this idea can get off the ground. Figured placing this screen shot sideways to better fit the Instagram aspect ratio but I kinda like it like this... Multiple screen orientations might have to be added ✌

"Road to Dogs of War" concept poster

As I work through ideas and possible settings I like to block out scenes that would be iconic or to catch the players eye during marketing.

This is a very early concept poster that I think is very cool. I wanted something that shows a road leading to the wrestling ring where the championship is, his obstacles ahead of him, and the city he lives in that would show the new corporate businesses. I also made sure that players can see his hotdog cart as that is his way to not only get there but also his hotdogs that will clear his path with deliciousness.

"Fury Rose"" isn't included here as she serves to guide Jonny on his way to the tournament since she is already there. That is the current version of the story.

Dogs Of War Heavyweight Champ Gauntlet

One of the things I like to do best is to take an existing idea and make something new and unique with it. Because everyone always makes a Championship Belt I wanted mine to both be worthy of pursuit and prestige.

The Heavyweight Grand Champion Gauntlet was created.

It serves the purpose of my games (fight oppression) and as homage to the sport I am using as as storytelling/ gameplay vessel. Omxe I get this in the hands of my artist it will look pretty slick πŸ‘ŒMore coming soon ✌

Viewtiful Voxels

After many revisions trying to find the right art style for the game I found Voxel art to be very attractive. It can be made with the colors of a pixel art pallette, can be easily made, and it would allow many little easter eggs to be hidden all over the place.

It presented a slew of advantages and disadvantages, the latter which would cause me to settle on a different art style. The biggest hurdle here was getting the same culling effect that was created during the animation of the cross section concepts. I also found that the perspective would present some interesting UI challenges and decided to move away to some thing more reasonable for my first full title in development.

Concept 1

I started to mess around with voxels yesterday and I am hooked!! So much so that I am going to test it and see how my game looks in voxels.

It's so easy and fun plus it just looks visually appealing for some reason πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜—

DoW Diorama

While working in Voxels I decided to test myself and make an animation. So I made this little clip as a test of my ideas for my game and to see how it would look like in Voxel.

Frankly I really like it and might just convert. Once my programmer gets going we will see which art style we settle on.

Also sorry for the bad loop, Instagram sucks at trimming properly...

Super Sprites

Recently the shift to a pixel art style was done as finding a programmer who could create the desired visual effect proved difficult.

This is more an art style I can do and control much better and has the potential to try out some new ideas and mess with perspective. The color pallette I have found to be more vivid and can be given more character than a 3D one for this situation.

Animated Adolescent

So after much delay I can finally start working on my game again. I've been doing some animation tests for the enemies for Road To: Dogs of War. Not final, just something I wanted to make to test some ideas in the game. .

This enemy moves very fast and homes in on Jonny and his cart, running into it causing damage if players don't stop him quickly.

Drawing Designs

These drawings and designs are often done in paper where I can quickly prototype, draw, and visualize any idea that may pop in my head. Being able to put it down on paper also allows me to la

Instant Idea Inspiration

Had a burst of inspiration and drew up a quick concept of a stylised menu for my game.

The idea here is trying to visually represent the theme of the game in the menu. Because Jonny runs a hot dog stand what if I could make the menu for his stand the menu for the game. This way I can tie both the visual and the funtional.

Maybe it's a bit much maybe it's not but I'm sure I can take some of these ideas at least.

DoW Dirty Dog


So with all these super serious design sessions I decided to goof around. I regret nothing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I started to think how ridiculous it would be to see a hotdog dousing itself in ketchup and mustard. Then because I was a bit loopy I started laughing when I imagined what it would look like if he enjoyed it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


RT:DOW poster early concepts

I'd like to share with you some early drawings of the poster for Road To: Dogs of War.

When I was coming up with the idea for the poster the most prominent visual was Jonny standing in the street looking at his upcoming challenge.

Since it was a top down game my first idea was doing it from a slight change of angle to show people what the goal at the end of game is. It still didn't feel like this was about his journey so in the final version I dropped the angle to his shoulders. This way I can better introduce players to Jonny and his hotdog cart as it will be featured heavily in this game.

Don't mind the typos, my brain moves to fast while writing. As long as I know what it means and is supposed to tell me it's all good

D.o.w Design drawings

As part of developing Dogs of War I always intended to include a female Co-main character.

Her current working name is Catherine. As I develop who she is it has been helpful to draw designs for her mask to help refine her direction. .

I drew a lot of inspiration from @sexydulceg who has shown that gender means nothing, anyone can kick ass! πŸ’ͺ

Cathy is my Co-main character in the Dogs of War franchise.

Dogs.of.War Design Diagram

Game feel is that all important feeling you getting when interacting with games. It's that feeling when even the menus feel right and can go as fast or as slow as you want.

Here you can see parts of that labor to imbue good "Game Feel". My aim is to make the experience flow as smoothly as possible so that you don't even notice it.

Hotdog Hijinks

Did some story boards I had in my head for Road To: Dogs of War.

This is page two for an idea I had for an intro or cut scene.

After being attacked by an enemy I wanted to both explain what is happening but also introducing the non violent nature of this game.

In this game the citizens are mind controlled by the Long Duan and their corporate food chains. The only way to free the people is by feeding them delicious hotdogs and that's what Jonny is going to do!!

DoW Design Diagram 3


This series is nearing it's end so I wanted to show something that shows both visual design and how I would try to communicate that with my developer. So far no complaints from any on my team πŸ€“πŸ‘


I am designing how some objects would interact in both Road To: Dogs of War and Dogs of War. Here I am laying out both a visual set up for breakable world objects but also how I would imagine it would look in the game.


I often write in simple commands or when I would like to make something happen such as an animation and why is it animating and for how long. This way I can effectively explain my vision with my developer so they can bring it to life.

Design Doc visuals


Information on the project

Try out the Road To: Dogs of War Demo!