Rt:Dow Updates

Road to: Dogs of War Game Development Blog and Updates


In 2021, after many years of building and developing the world of this game and striking out with tons of publishers for whatever reason, I secured us a market test for our game! It was not exactly who we were seeking, they were a casual mobile game publisher, and their library seemed a bit at contrast but I figured we could at the very least see what happens and gather information.

After a while received word from our potential publisher regarding the results of our market test. After looking over all the information, and while I got what I wanted and sort of expected, they were looking for something else. Crushing disappointment.

That came at the tail end of many years working on this project where I took on 80% of the roles on it. So I knew it would be difficult to do all of this on my own (with help), much less, launch a full on game into the world.


I have the resources to gather a team that can handle 80% of all the work. Something I was reinforcing for this after reading the 4 hour work week. Being able to offset a HUGE chunk of the game and really focus on what I do best to now create a game that is much more polished and ready to fill a niche in both wrestling and retro games.

That 2 year hiatus has also served to give me time to study new techniques and programs meant to increase the chances of success like Monday.com, Canva, ChatGPT, and more. Now I can multiply the amount of production being applied than ever before!

The Road to: Dogs of War continues back on baby!